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From my workshop and home in South Wales I offer a range of design, build and repair services of largely valves based music equipment. This includes Hi-Fi equipment, musical instrument amplification, jukebox repair and even guitar rewiring.


Due to the nature of valve based equipment it is recommended that preventative maintenance be undertaken once in a while to keep it running at its optimum. I very highly recommend that no valve based equipment be run continuously until failure. Testing of valves’ measuring components such as capacitors, plate load resistors, power supply components and cathode bypass capacitors etc, can help detect problems before they become serious enough to cause catastrophic failure. Regular servicing can in fact save a lot of money in keeping your equipment running in the long term.


Tube Distinctions - Authorised Service Centre and Distributor


From time to time, I am contacted by frustrated audiophiles and music lovers needing advice, whether it be a cherished piece of equipment has suddenly stopped working, or maybe they have purchased a new component, or complete system and cannot seem to get it to function properly, or perhaps they have moved house and just can’t seem to get their system to function properly in its new environment. Although we do our best to identify a lot of problems over the phone, sometimes it is just impossible to understand what’s going on, so Tube Distinctions have decided to offer a consultancy service.

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If you have any questions about the services I offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!