Voodoo Amps

Uk and European mod centre

Important Notice!  Voodoo amps has Suspended its Modification service to the genral public until further notice.

Tube Distinctions is proud to be the UK and European Mod Centre for Voodoo amplification.

Tube Distinctions Currently offer the creative modifications by the now legendary Trace Davis of Voodoo amps USA exclusively’ for potential customers in the UK and European countries. All aspects of the modifications are currently on the Voodoo website, however, if you have questions about any of their mods that cannot be found on the site, or’ if you have concerns about a particular modification being right for you, then please get in touch with Trace or Cindy at

They will be happy to discuss things with you, and therefore’ are the best people able to advise on whether a certain mod is right for you and your style of playing etc.

Getting it right! It is of the utmost importance that we get it right for you, as All of the Voodoo Modifications offered are very labor intense, and circuitry invasive, and will change quite considerably the sonics and presentation of your equipment from its standard configuration, so help us as much as you can to get it right for you the first time…

Voodoo Amps