Valves & Parts

New Valves

As well as New Old Stock valves, we also carry a selection of current production valves, From the main Manufacturers, and Suppliers, around the world, Most are used in the servicing, and repairs of customers equipment, However, please enquire.

NOS Valves

Most of the original Manufacturers valves/tubes, we offer for sale are new old stock,eg, Mullard, Brimar, Philips,GE, RCA etc, And in their original boxes, and test as new. We have a lot of the usual well known brands and a few of the lesser types always in stock.We also carry small stocks of the usual, types and brands that have had some use, but are clean and fully tested, please enquire.


Special Type & Used Original Valves

We also carry a small amount of special and very rare items, e.g., early triodes, tetrodes, pentodes, etc. We also have a lot of used but clean and fully tested items in stock. Although they are sold as used, most test as new and show very little sign of use.


Cryo-Treated Svetlana KT88

single valve price – £62

Tube Distinctions is pleased to announce that we are adding another outstanding KT88 to our list of recommended power tubes.

JJ Tesla KT88

Single valve Price – £35

These are the original JJ (Tesla) KT88 with the red logo printing and the typical glass shape that people have become accustomed to.

Tungsol KT120

Single valve Price…….£38

Tube Distinctions was one of the first companies in the UK to recognise its sonic qualities.