There were only two of these amps, both prototypes; one KT88 single-ended, the other a push-pull EL84 design. Both were integrated and had valve rectification.


KT88 Single-Ended

This amp was made with the ‘hard to please’ customer in mind. It could be switched from tetrode to triode mode with the flick of two switches on the front panel. The screen grids in tetrode mode were regulated with neon stabilizer tubes. It had eight and sixteen ohm taps for the speaker output, which were also switched. It could be used with directly or indirectly heated rectifiers and was fitted with a standby switch, a bass boost control, an amp meter, volt meter, and a pair of feedback switches, so you could switch in full or half feedback. And finally, it looks great too, especially when it’s on. I consider this amp to be one of my favorites.


Push-Pull EL84

This amp is also one of my favourites…again, it was a bit special. It had a GZ34 for rectification and a voltage regulator tube for the HT on the front-end valves. It could also be switched to pentode or triode mode and had a standby switch for the overall HT, also a pair of feedback switches were included to half the feedback if required.The valve line up in each channel was as follows; first valve (half) ECC82; second EF86; third ECC83; fourth EL84 X2. It also has tone, bass, balance and input controls.