There has been a wide variation of single-ended amps made over the years. From real odd-ball triode amps, to the up-to-date sophisticated designs conceived [originaly] in conjunction with Tom Evans of Audio Design and Acoustic Precision fame, although produced soley by Tube Distinctions. As you have probably guessed by now, one of my all time favourite valves is the KT88. I have used these excellent devices extensively in circuits throughout my audio career and have yet to find a better device that combines power, linearity and ease of drive. In my opinion these tubes excel at all three of the above and more.

The Next soul_mate_3Generation Amps

Over the last three years [2001 to 2004] I have been developing a new breed of amplifiers- the Soul Series power amps and Soul Mate preamp. They are all pure class A, single-ended and come in 15, 30, 60 and 120 watt configurations. These new amplifiers are quite unique in design and performance; they are hyper-linear, ultra quiet and use some of the best technology available from both valve/tube and semiconductors.

Performance Specifications of 15w Version

Input sensitivity: 700 MV peak to peak. Signal configuration: direct coupled throughout. Single ended or balanced line. Non-inverted output. Power output into FR 1 loud speaker: 20 watt. Total noise at speaker terminals: 1mv.

For more info on this design, see the accompanying pages, or contact me, Anthony Matthews, using the email link at the top of the page.

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