The Art of Sound Room

Tube Distinctions made a recent appearance at a unique “owners only” equipment show at scalford hall in melton mullbery this year, on display were the following; two power amps one an original copper amp made in 1998 and was the original one that jason kennedy reviewed in hi fi choice the same year, the other amp being originally a puresound design which has been heavily modified by Tube Distinctions hence it too now bares the Tube Distinctions brand name. also there was a bespoke power supply feeding a bel-canto CD player and a mains conditioner which fed the wholes system on the day again both designed specifically by Tube Distinctions, last but not least there was an original Tube Distinctions grounded grid pre-amplifier originally built in 1999. for more info on the show, and additional picks please click on the pick above.


show 2009