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Here you will find a selection of parts, most are NOS, however there are often new additions to my stock lists, so if you dont see what you require, then please get in touch.


We have a variety of NOS (new old stock) capacitors. These include electrolytic, paper in oil, silver mica, ceramic, etc. We can also supply most other types of capacitors not listed here.


We have a selection of old stock electrolytic, which are reformed and tested prior to being sold. We can also supply most of the current manufactured caps from around The world.

Paper in Oil

We also have a variety of paper in oil block type capacitors; some are very high voltage and again, all are tested prior to sale.

Valve Bases

Valve Bases

We have a small stock of original bases for a variety of tubes, but we can also supply most types of current manufacture.


We at Tube Distinctions are very dedicated to the design and manufacture of exceptional products. We use quality materials and craftsmanship throughout our designs and have acquired a very good standing for performance and reliability. We have a quick turnaround on products ordered; at present around 7 to 14 working days.

Mains transformers

All our mains transformers are custom made specifically for the job for which they are intended. They are made with quality materials and tested for noise and operating temperatures.

Output transformers

We can supply output transformers for all the regular valves in use today and for all the classic circuits. We also offer a custom built service, where we will build transformers to your spec, or if you have a particular tube in mind, but don’t have the necessary info, we will do our best to source the necessary details of the tube and design accordingly.

Chokes for power supplies

The power supply is the heart of any amplifier. How it is designed and the components used will determine how good or bad the finished product will perform. We supply quality chokes for all configurations of power supplies and all items are tested for noise and reliability.


Carbon pots

As well as a mixture of good used vintage items, we have a selection of new old stock carbon pots. We can also supply most of the current manufactured items from around the world.

Wire-wound pots

Wire wound pots are becoming quite hard to source these days, owing to the fact that they are not used as much in industrial applications, but we do have a small but significant amount of the more popular types and values.

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