My Current System

My current system varies from time to time; however, I am rather pleased with things at the moment so, if you check here regularly, you will see this set up used for the foreseeable future.

Eikos CD Player
This is my current compact disk player[since 2003] It is number 7 of the last 10 Eikos machines from Acoustic Precision. It just so happens that no.7 is my favourite number, so you could say it was fate! Being one of the last ten produced, it has all the latest mods that AP could throw at it at the time. In my opinion, this player is exceptional; it has just about everything performance wise that most critical listeners could want in a CD player; detail, bass, sound stage, ambience, etc. and at the moment, I wouldn’t swap it for any other player, at any cost.



The ‘Soul Mate’ is the latest addition to the Tube Distinctions product range, and its the first product to benefit from the all-new ‘hyper regulators’ designed specifically for the Soul Series. It is directly coupled throughout, non-inverting and is exceptionally linear and quiet. There are three stereo inputs (five on production models, all line level) and two outputs per channel for bi-amping.

This is the ‘Soul’ single-ended, pure class A, hybrid amplifier (of which the first prototype was reviewed by Roy Gregory, editor of Hi Fi Plus magazine, 2003) and has taken just under 4 years of design and development for the final production versions. The amp pictured is one of only three red Soul power amps built – two 30 watt mono-blocks, and one 15 watt stereo. All three were originally built to power the creative speaker designs of Overkill Audio, [2004] featured in the high-end show at Heathrow! They now reside in my own system.


Tannoy Kensington SE
These are the latest addition to my reference system and so far they are proving to have been a very worthwhile inclusion, their strength’s are well documented by reviewers and customers worldwide. With careful positioning and correct choice of cabling the kensingtons have the potential to leave you hanging on the edge of your seat! with their huge scale, impressive soundstage etc, and with a sensitivity of around 93db they are an excellent choice for systems based around well designed valve amplification.


Rock Turntable
This is the original Rock turntable, developed at Cranfield University [hence the name] It was recently saved from that great hi fi graveyard in the sky. I would describe Its strong points in performance’ even by today’s standards as excellent, with an engaging, full-bodied performance that in my opinion is still hard to beat.


And it all sits on a “Hifi Racks LTD” Stand