Musical Instrument Amplification


Guitar Amps, Effects and PA Equipment

Tube Distinctions is proud to be the UK and European mod center for Voodoo Amplification

  • Vox – AC10,15, 30, etc….
  • Fender – Repairs, revalves…
  • Hiwatt – Repairs, mods…
  • Marshall – All models repaired, upgraded…
  • Cornford – All models revalved, etc.
  • Mesa Boogie – All models repaired, serviced, etc.
  • Ampeg – All models repaired, etc.
  • Matchless-All models serviced, repaired, etc.
  • Matamp all models serviced, repaired etc.
  • If its Valve, chances are; I can repair it!

Repairs, Rebuilds, Modifications, etc, etc.

  • Lovetone
  • Orange
  • Selmer
  • Sound city
  • Peavey
  • Mesa Boogie

etc, etc.


Please note: These are just some examples of the type of equipment I repair on a regular basis, if you don’t see your make, or model listed, please enquire…

Dedicated to Originality

I have done way too much work on this particular type of equipment to list it all in detail here, but if you have any concerns about a particular repair on a certain item then please get in touch, what I will say on this subject is that I appreciate how much musicians recognize and value the sound of their equipment, so any components I change in repairs are kept to the absolute minimum and where possible, faulty components are always replaced with original stock parts. If on the other hand you require certain modifications to be carried out on, for example a cherished vintage amp,eg, Fender, Marshall, Vox, etc, which may include changes to gain, tone etc, etc, even in depth circuit modifications, then i will be happy to discuss your needs and hopefully be able to acomodate. I do however draw a line as far as non-reversible modifications are concerned, eg, casework, cabinets, chassis etc, in other words all modifications i agree to carry out on any vintage amplification must be completely reversible, the reason being, un-molested vintage equipment [as mentioned above] is becoming very difficult to find these days, and i appreciate this, so, i will only consider and recommend modifications that allow the equipment to be put back to its original state if required at a later date.


All rewiring and electrical repairs considered and undertaken (no structural work, e.g. body, neck repairs, etc.). Wiring modifications also considered.

Specialist Equipment and Customers

Tube Distinctions has many customers in the entertainment industry, amongst my clientele are some very well known musicians and performers etc, Over the years I have built up a reputation that is founded on fairness and trust, therefore; all customers and their equipment are treated with the same attention to detail, and service that is second to none.

Les Paul

Finally, a tribute to two of the most iconic and therefore influential characters in the music world of the 20th, and 21st century, who’s names and contributions to the world of music will forever be intertwined by the products they produced. First, the late great Les Paul. CLICK HERE to see one of the last recorded interviews with this mild mannered, and very modest genius, without him we wouldn’t have the variety of awesome and magical sounds that only an electric guitar can produce, not forgetting his pioneering work that led to multi-track recordings becoming standard practice in studios through out the world.

“Rest in peace Les, your work here is done”


Jim Marshall

Known as ‘the Father of Loud’, Jim Marshall changed rock’n’roll with his brand of affordable guitar amplifiers, He was, and always will be remembered as a great inovator, and creator of one of the most iconic brands of musical intrument amplification ever…


“Rest in peace Jim, your work here is done”

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music”