Tube Distinctions are pleased to have received the recent positive review of our Mains Filters for Musicians, in the Guitar Magazine [Guitar and Bass] These can be purchased through our main Distributor, Mark Grant Cables:[use button below] please search under Power, and select the type you require, if you need something a little different to the standard configurations offered, then please contact myself, or Mark, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

The Power Works Pro TD2414PRO  mains power filter is the latest version of the proven, and much loved and coveted original design by Anthony Mathews from Tube Distinctions, which has now been in use by professional musicians for many years. This new Pro version has added features that Musicians have specificaly requested, to enable them to more easily Identify whether a mains circuit is safe to use etc. The new version is fitted with LED indication which enables its operator to see instantly whether the Live and Neutral is configured correctly, and also; if there is an earth present!

Using a power works Pro mains filter can have a significant affect on the quality, and consistency of your equipments sonic performance!

The internal layout has been designed to ensure an equal resistance path to both sockets while also ensuring an equal power delivery to both sockets.

Each socket is individually filtered to ensure noise from one plugged in device cannot reach another device plugged into the adjacent socket.

The Power Works range of mains filters have multiple stages of filtration to remove mains borne noise from noisy electrical devices on your mains supply and also reduce Radio frequency and wireless noise that is present on the mains supply.

Each of the filter modules inside the power filter is a bespoke custom hand made design using discrete components. No off the shelf filters are used in this device.

The components are all of the highest quality and each filter module is a balanced design using hand picked, measured and matched component values.

Nearly every electrical device you buy has a noisy switch mode power supply that leaks noise into the electrical cables in your house, studio, or venue etc, Also Radio frequencies from mobile phone transmitters and TV transmitters can be present on the mains supply and this digital noise filter reduces them by a huge amount.

The noise reduction of this filter has been scientifically measured at 52dB, this is a huge amount of noise reduction.

Thee maximum total load is 10 amps which is around 2300 watts.

Especially designed for components such as:

  • Pedal board supplies
  • PA Systems
  • Pre- and power amplifier combo
  • Main power amplifier

CE approved and independently tested for compliance and performance.

Each unit includes a standard UK power lead. If you have any requirements for long length power leads or any particular cable type let us know. Take a look at our power cables section.

Please quote part/no TD2414PRO When ordering etc.

A version with Schuko sockets for Europe is available to order and includes a Schuko mains lead please enquire.

Each and every mains Filter is hand built to order, so allow a lead time for delivery.

We will contact you after ordering to arrange a suitable delivery day as this needs signing for.

We have a very easy and relaxed 30 day return policy so you have plenty of time to try at home.