Jukebox Repair

We specialise in AMI H, I, J, K.

Tube Distinctions now offer the setting up and repairs to the mechanical and electrical side of AMI, H, I, J, and K type, jukebox’s, we can in most cases offer this service as a call out, in the comfort of your own home depending on distance etc.

Most types of vintage valve/tube jukebox amplifier repairs and rebuilds undertaken.

All electrical repairs carried out on most valve/tube jukebox amplifiers.

No cosmetic work undertaken, e.g., chassis painting/restoring etc.

If your amplifier chassis is in need of cosmetic repairs, repaints, etc., then it is advised that this be done prior to a full rebuild.

We can of course offer a total strip-down service of all the components, valve bases, transformers, etc., in preparation for a chassis renovation and can include this in the cost of a total rebuild.

No cabinet renovations; sorry.


Basic repairs


Wiring faults


Component changes


Complete revalves


Electrical rebuilds

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