From time to time, I am contacted by frustrated audiophiles and music lovers needing advice, whether it be a cherished piece of equipment has suddenly stopped working, or maybe they have purchased a new component, or complete system and cannot seem to get it to function properly, or perhaps they have moved house and just can’t seem to get their system to function properly in its new environment. Although we do our best to identify a lot of problems over the phone, sometimes it is just impossible to understand what’s going on, so Tube Distinctions have decided to offer a consultancy service.

Having trouble with your sound?

If this is you and you’re experiencing trouble with your sound since moving home or changing components in your system, then help is at hand. Tube Distinctions can now offer a home visit service to determine what’s going on and hopefully point you in the right direction.

Not sure what’s wrong?

From time to time, you may experience trouble with a particular piece of equipment already in your system. If you’re not sure if something has failed completely, or just needs servicing, Tube Distinctions can offer a call out service, where we will evaluate the situation on site, identify the problem and be able to offer the appropriate repair/service needed.


The charge for any of the services discussed will be determined by certain parameters, e.g., the distance involved for travelling, the time needed to evaluate the situation and of course the expertise involved in rectifying the fault. Tube Distinctions charge an hourly rate, or depending on distance a daily rate maybe offered; please call for details.

New components

If you have just purchased a new component, e.g., CD player, turn table, etc., or even a complete new system and you require an experienced engineer to set it up, then this service is for you!

Thinking of Upgrading, need advice?

If you’re thinking of upgrading your system and need advice as to what components may give the best results for your investment, then Tube Distinctions will evaluate your system as a whole and give advice as to what to change and explain the benefits.

Need to ask a question about your system?

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