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Custom Builds, Modifications, Rebuilds and Repairs


Guitar and Musical Instrument Amplification

Specialists in Rebuilding, Repairs, and the Modification of Valve based Guitar and Musical Instrument Amplification.


Juke Box Resotoration

Electrical Restoration of Classic Valve Jukeboxes


For Sale

Here you will find a selection of items for sale…

Welcome to Tube Distinctions

We design, build, and repair serious valve/tube Amplification, with over 20 years experience. We also repair and service most types of valve equipment as well as supply new old stock’ and currently manufactured valves and related electronic parts.

New Valves

We carry stock of the usual, current production valves, from Sovtek, JJ, Tungsol, Svetlana, Harma, Electro-Harmonix, etc, etc.

NOS Valves

Most of the valves/tubes we offer for sale are new old stock, in their original boxes and test as new. We have a lot of the usual well known brands and a few of the lesser types always in stock.

Special Type & Used Original Valves

We also carry a small amount of special and very rare items, e.g., early triodes, tetrodes, pentodes, etc. We also have a lot of used but clean and fully tested items in stock. Although they are sold as used, most test as new and show very little sign of use.